I did a test at the start of the election campaign. I put up 10 normal signs and one “Is Something Rotten in Dorval? sign.
There were 10 times as many views on the ‘rotten’ blog than on the other one. I would have to put up 1,000 signs in order to have the same number of hits as 100 of the ‘rotten’ signs.
I am efficient. I think things out, try them and if the results are good, I move ahead. I always try to be efficient, no matter what I do.
Dorval has a MAJOR problem! There is no real opposition on city council and as a result we have a mayor who abuses his authority, and I dare him to sue me for saying so!
Who is Murray Levine and why should I vote for him?

Business Experience

– Heikar Industries-President

– Le-Mark Apparel Inc-President
Volunteer Experience

– Charity Activist/Fundraising Consultant-29 years

– Philanthropic Athletes Foundation-Founder and Past-President

– Alpine Club of Canada (Montreal Section)- Past-President

– League for Human Rights-Past Secretary

– Human Rights Activist 32+ years

– Nominee: $250,000 Kravis Prize in Nonprofit Leadership (2012)

– Nominee: $100,000 Ernest C. Manning Principal Award for Innovation (1991)

– Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation: Volunteer of the Year (2012)

– Alpine Club of Canada: Don Forrest Service Award (2010)

– League for Human Rights: Most Valuable Contribution Annual Award (1985)
What has Murray Levine done for Dorval?

– Murray made our streets safer by informing the mayor of, and encouraging the placement of mid-street bollards that have stop, yield to pedestrians and speed limit signs upon them. Now throughout Dorval.

-Recent overnight work at the airport caused sleepless nights. In the future the residents of Surrey (and all across Canada) will be forewarned. Murray discussed this with the Sr. Policy Advisor of the Minister of Transport.

– Murray proposed a simple change that has saved Dorval’s taxpayers thousands of dollars in heating costs.

– When it comes to safety and security, Murray has a long track record of making suggestions that brought results.

What does Murray intend to do for Surrey and Dorval?

– Mitigating train and traffic noise is a definite priority. Murray has very likely found a simple, eye pleasing way to help solve the problem. “Calling noise a nuisance is like calling smog an inconvenience. Noise must be considered a hazard to the health of people everywhere.” – William H. Stewart, former U.S. Surgeon General.

– Cardinal Avenue is now highly problematic. If Murray can not find a way to solve the problem, he will make a way!

-The streets of Surrey WILL become safer

-Murray has already been in contact with the STM regarding a shuttle/better bus service from Surrey to the south side.

– As a member of the Green Coalition, and the ad hoc committee to save the 500,000+ sq ft McConnell Estate, Murray  spares no effort in fighting for oxygen producing green space.

– We need to draw new businesses here. Commerce contribute taxes at a much higher rate than homes do. Thriving businesses will help bring our taxes down. There is a way and it will be encouraged!

-The gyms/libraries/auditoriums of PUBLIC schools MUST become available to the public 365 days/yr and not only 200!

Murray has two ears and one mouth. He intends to listen constantly to the concerns of the residents, and do fully what is in their/your obvious best interest.

There is little in the way of positive opposition on the City Council, resulting is a complacent attitude. As an activist, Murray Levine has ALWAYS fought for the benefit of humanity, and he always will.
For the past 35 years there has been a Heron representing Surrey on City Council.

Is it time for change AND change for the better? Of course, it is!

To contact Murray and tell him what YOU would like to see done to actually make Dorval a much better place to live: MURLEV@GMAIL.COM 
VOTE “Murray LEVINE for Surrey” on November 5  

A Unique Pledge/Challenge From A Unique Man?
As only 32.5% of Surrey voters voted in the last election, Murray Levine WILL increase the turnout here (and throughout Quebec). He challenges ALL candidates in the Nov 5 election, to make the same pledge as follows!*
For each and every single vote cast in Surrey, Murray Levine will donate $10 to benefit numerous charities. Hospitals, homeless, etc., etc. YOU GET TO CHOOSE!
Murray would like to see 100% of the voters voting and thus produce a $27,000 donation, providing he wins the election.
Murray is a VOLUNTEER fundraising consultant and charity activist, and has been for almost 30 years! Being the innovative volunteer that he is, he asks that ALL candidates in Quebec municipal elections follow his lead!
Please send an email to today and mention whether you would like the $10 donation to go to:
1) Medical research*- Please specify Cancer, heart disease or anything else that you wish
2) Homelessness*
3) Children’s hospitals.  HSJ/MCH? Please specify which one
4) Any hospital of your choice
5) Environment*
6) Dorval’s Community Aid (food bank-in memory of Jean Clement)
7) West Island Community Shares or Centraide. Please specify
8) Human Rights*
10) Dorval Public Library
*The benefiting charities aside from the ones that YOU choose (named above)above will be: 1)MUHC Research Institute, 2) Anne’s House/Nazareth House (homeless/Father John Walsh), 5) Sierra Club Quebec Section, 8) Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights (The Honourable Irwin Cotler,OC, OQ)
The donations will be made well within the four year term of office IF Murray Levine is elected
Candidates in large cities are free to adjust the individual donation amounts accordingly, as are candidates for mayor.

Authorized and paid for by Leslie Henry, Official Agent of Murray Levine

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  1. jack

    please explain to me why you would tear up a recently redone road to put in a bicycle path no one uses. I have lived on cardinal ave now for 11 years and i do not see the bicycle traffic that would justify tearing up a road that was just redone 2 years ago to put in a bicycle path, have you seen the traffic jam it has now caused on cardinal ave it is bumper to bumper from sources blvd all the way back to the airport. not to mention the nightmare it is going to cause come this winter the road is so narrow 2 cars can barely pass each other what will happen when you add snow to both sides, did anyone think of this before you started this fiasco.


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