Month: May 2016


The following is all in my personal opinion and discloses what our Member of Parliament Anju Dhillon’s Ottawa office is all about!

During the last election campaign I helped destroy the reputation of MP Isabelle Morin, Anju Dhillon’s predecessor. Morin’s staff actually went to Morin’s bio in Wikipedia and changed it because of what I disclosed in a blog similar to this one.


If you are against governmental stupidity and you do not act on the following, you are part of the problem!

Early in December I wrote and asked my MP, Anju Dhillon to fight against the waste. There was NO reply. I had to chase after her office in order to get the ball rolling.

The office is supposed to facilitate communication between the citizens and their MP, not thwart it! They obviously missed the memo.

I met with Ms Dhillon early in March and she was to bring up the matter before the QC caucus. It was 2 months before I finally received a reply!

In the reply there was no mention whatsoever of the matter having been discussed in caucus.

This is the reply 5 months after I first contacted my MP’s office! Following your email  dated May 3, 2016    I send  it  to Mrs. Dhillon, and she did have a conversation with  the M.P. Sherry Romanado,   if  it’s  possible to forward your emails to Madame Romanado  she will be happy to take note of your comments about  the Jacques Cartier Bridge, the project of the bridge is in her riding.

This is a matter entirely for the Minister of Infrastructure to deal with and has absolutely nothing to do with any riding! I highly doubt that the boundary for the riding is in the middle of the St Lawrence River, and besides there is another riding on the other side of the bridge so why not contact both MPs?? By the way ,on May 3 and since I wrote to and called Romanado’s office several times. Today is May 16 and I never heard back from her office! This matter has actually been dragging on since August, 2015.

Several days ago my MP’s office sent me a form letter addressed to someone else (dated in January) as if it were a response to my request that the $30 million go to Fort McMurray. The same individual informed me incorrectly that the $30 million was being spent to celebrate Montreal’s 375th and not for Canada’s 150th. I then sent him the news release of mentioning that it was for both anniversaries, just as I had said.

Please note that Montreal’s budget for their 375th anniversary is $105 million while Toronto’s budget for their 175th was $300,000! The $105 million does NOT include the $30 million in federal funds!


The Honourable Denis Lebel took $30 million of taxpayers’ $$ that was budgeted for the construction of the new Champlain Bridge and decided to spend it on decorating the Jacques Cartier Bridge. Why? France Chretien Desmarais asked Lebel to help fund the project. France Chretien Desmarais is the daughter of Prime Minister Jean Chretien and her husband Andre is the son of the Late Paul Desmarais, CC, the founder of the conglomerate Power Corporation. Lebel was intimidated because of who asked for the expenditure.

Since when is making a bridge pretty by projecting coloured lights upon it fall under infrastructure?

The Honourable Amarjeet Sohi has been asked to make an intelligent decision and claw back the $30 million and spend it on something important/useful, like the rebuilding of Fort McMurray. I asked him to spend the $$ wisely at least five months ago. I am still waiting for his reply!

99% of Montrealers asked in a CROP poll are against the wasting of so much $$ on such a project!

Please forward this post to and ask him to please spend YOUR money, as wisely as he spends his own.  Please feel free to copy it to;

Thank you very much for helping to end the waste of YOUR $$$!