Is Something Rotten at the Verdun Hospital?



















10 thoughts on “Is Something Rotten at the Verdun Hospital?

  1. Ursula Ayotte

    I Have Been there and Yes they Spike French to Me I Responded in English Then they Said I Have a French Last Name I Shouldn’t Speak to Them in English…


  2. KimBerly Dolan

    My mother just went through 3 weeks of hell at this horrible horrible hospital yes im grateful for her surgery and the drs were amazung but not thankful at bow she was treated after by nurses


  3. Whocares

    I’m amazed how shocked people are.. Until people realize quebecs a lost hope, full of prejudice and even more so corruption.. The French (not all but most) like hitler hate all who isn’t them, and ain’t nobody coming to save ya.. Part of the plan is to be divided like the U.S. Only for them it’s blacks and whites and us it’s language, there’s an agenda and nobody’s seems to be getting in the way of it.. Sad what happened to this lady young or old, French or English she deserves to be treated as a person. But quebecs separatist are to dumb to realize there digging there own grave once the English pull out of this province there screwed..


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